We offer jujitsu training programs for all ages and skill levels. Inukshuk Bushido Kai strives to provide an open, enjoyable, and above-all safe environment for participants to meet new people, improve their level of fitness, have fun, and gain confidence through an education in valuable self-defense skills.

New Program

Introduction to Jujitsu

We know trying new things can be scary. We know that walking into a martial arts club for the first time might feel intimidating.

We get it.

That’s why we’re offering you the opportunity to try Jujitsu on YOUR terms! Our Introduction to Jujitsu class is a fun, relaxed way for you and a friend to explore the art and our club to determine if it’s the right fit for you, without the pressures of anyone else being around.

Kids & Youth


IBK Ninjas - ages 4-6
Classes to introduce young children to jujitsu in a safe, enjoyable way

IBK Samurai - ages 7-10
Classes for older children to learn more advanced jujitsu techniques

IBK Junior Program - ages 10-15+
Classes for youth and older children with a nearly identical syllabus to the adult program.

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Classes aimed at both beginners and advanced students
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Special Courses
& Seminars

Special Courses and Seminars Seminars - we can put on a seminar for your group on an as-requested basis. Includes women's self-defense.
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Membership Fees

How to Join
Please refer to the Membership Fees page for our pricing and fees, and see this page for information on how to become a member of IBK.
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See What Our Members Say About Inukshuk Bushido Kai
We believe we have the best dojo in Edmonton, but don't take it from us! Learn about the incredible community of people we have at IBK!
More Testimonials
  • Andrew B.

    Andrew B.

    Our son and daughter have been with IBK since 2016 when they were 7 and 5 years old. Throughout the past 4 years, the have been excited to attend class every week. The instructors are great with the kids and while they create an atmosphere that promotes discipline, the kids also have a lot of fun. We have seen our children progress in their skills, have become more confident and assertive, and have shown more discipline in their daily lives at home and at school. We highly recommend IBK to anyone considering introducing their children to martial arts.
  • Joey Gibbs - Google Review

    Joey Gibbs - Google Review

    I Love IBK and the instructors. At first, it was very intimidating coming into a DOJO in my thirties with no previous experience, But the instructors and fellow students are great at making everyone feel welcome. After just a few short classes I felt at home and no longer like an outsider. The instructors and fellow students treat everybody with respect no matter the age, gender or disability. I also have my two young girls, ages 5 and 8, in the kid's classes and both love them as well. Again the instructors do a great job using age-appropriate material and make a great environment for all age ranges. I would definitely recommend this DOJO.
  • Diana Gaviria

    Diana Gaviria

    My 8-year-old son loves practicing jiu jitsu at Inukshuk Bushido Kai. It's been two years since we started taking him and it's been amazing to watch his confidence grow and see all the amazing skills he's learning while also having lots of fun. The senseis are great with the kids and teach them respect for themselves and others by leading by example. I am so happy that my son has the opportunity to learn from this wonderful community of instructors and kids.
  • Dan Beaudoin

    Dan Beaudoin

    I chose to study Jujitsu because it offers various degrees of control in all facets of life. As an art, it is unique for this reason. Having the choice to navigate any situation to a desired outcome is why Jujitsu was the right choice for me. Before joining IBK, I tried many other clubs. Ultimately, what kept me at IBK was the quality of the instruction given. It became immediately apparent that each instructor was utilizing years of practical real world experience and had worked together to create a system to not only give you all the tools Jujitsu offers, but to make sure you knew how to use them. IBK has gifted me with confidence and more importantly, humility.​
  • Phil


    I’ve been training at Inukshuk Bushido Kai for a few months now, I felt welcome from the first moment I stepped in the Dojo. The Instructors took extra time to ensure I learned the basics before pairing me up, and constantly monitor students activity to ensure correct learning. They are a bunch of mature lads, with level heads and I enjoy every training session. I encourage anyone that is interested to attend a free session and see for yourself!
  • Nathaniel Lancaster - Google Review

    Nathaniel Lancaster - Google Review

    I go to this school for 1 year already and I'm really satisfied with there classes. The teachers are very good and skilled and nice. I get to learn everyday new moves and I really recommend it
  • Mary


    I operate a commercial establishment on Whyte Avenue and I didn't realize I would get to use my new skills so quickly, but the very night after the seminar we had a drunk in our store that was passing out and wouldn't leave. So I gave him a poke in the radial nerve ... boy did he jump! That really got his attention and we were able to escort him out of the store without further incident and no-one got seriously hurt. This is really great stuff! I want my entire staff to attend the next session.
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