Learn the art of the samurai! Japanese Jujitsu is a centuries old system of unarmed combat, formulated and practiced by the Samurai warriors of feudal Japan.

Our system incorporates both traditional and modern techniques. Adult classes are open to adult men and women, plus teens aged 15-17.

Beginner students will learn break-falls, basic throws and takedowns, blocking, striking and kicking, fundamental ground fighting techniques, submissions, sweeps and escapes, and various self-defense concepts.

Advanced students will learn intermediate and advanced throws, joint locks, chokes, PPCT, advanced ground fighting, and effective defenses against weapons (knife, gun, hanbo and jo). Opportunities for grappling (gi and no-gi) and sparring are also available to advanced students (and those with martial arts backgrounds, at the instructional team's discretion).

Class Structure

  • Start with a warm-up to increase blood flow and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Practice ukemi (break-falls) so that students learn to take a fall without injury.
  • Instruction of specific techniques from our syllabus practiced cooperatively with a partner, with instructors providing correction and clarification.
  • Goshin Waza (Self-Defense Techniques) - Freestyle self defense practice against a variety of attacks, including all manner of strikes, grabs, holds, and weapon attacks.

Depending on the instructor and the skill level of attendees, classes may also include:

  • Off-syllabus instruction of techniques from a variety of other styles and arts.
  • Randori (Judo-style sparring), grappling, and Sport Jujitsu at advanced levels to learn to apply techniques dynamically against fully resisting opponents.
  • Free time for students to practice the techniques of their particular belt level.

Class Times

Our Adult program offers multiple classes per week. See the Class Schedule for more details.

Class Fees

Participation is subject to Membership Fees and annual Registration Fee.

New Program

Introduction to Jujitsu

We know trying new things can be scary. We know that walking into a martial arts club for the first time might feel intimidating.

We get it.

That’s why we’re offering you the opportunity to try Jujitsu on YOUR terms! Our Introduction to Jujitsu class is a fun, relaxed way for you and a friend to explore the art and our club to determine if it’s the right fit for you, without the pressures of anyone else being around.