IBK accepts payment by Interac E-Transfer, or Cash. E-transfers can be sent to

Please see our promotions page for discounts you may qualify for.

Adult Jujitsu

Full-time Adult Membership

$125/month - Grants access to all adult classes (Best value - 12 + classes/month, ~ $8-10 per class).

10 Class Punch Pass (NEW! Available Dec 1/21)

$200 for 10 classes - Grants access to 10 adult classes ($20 per class). A completed Athletic Waiver is required.


Drop-in rate is $30/class.  A completed Athletic Waiver is required.

Child & Youth Jujitsu Programs

IBK Samurai (ages 6-10)


IBK Junior (ages 10-15+)



& Other Fees

All members must also pay an annual registration fee of $30. This fee is due upon registration in any of our programs, and must be renewed each year on September 1st.*

All IBK Adult and Junior members are also encouraged to purchase a System Manual at the time of registration. Cost is $60. Students must have a manual prior to their 1st belt promotion.

*New students starting July 1st or later in a calendar year will not be required to renew registration fees the following September.

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IBK Fee Payment Policy

Full-Time Members (Adults and Children/Youth)

  • All fees are due on or before the first offered class of each month.
  • Any student found to have trained without having paid their monthly fees will be charged a Drop-In Fee ($30/class) for any classes attended. These fees will be in additon to any outstanding fees, and monthly fees will not be prorated.

Punch Pass Holders

  • It is the responsibility of the student to have their pass punched whenever they train at IBK. Failure of the instructor to ask you for your pass is not an opportunity for free training.
  • Passes will not be punched retroactively. Any punch pass holder found to have trained without having their pass punched will be charged a $30 Drop-In fee per class attended, and be issued a warning. Further incidents will result in the member no longer being permitted to purchase Punch Passes, and they must either pay Full Time Membership or Drop-In fees to continue training at IBK.

Prorated Fees

IBK will prorate fees for the first month of training after a member's free trial, or in the case of seasonal closures. Otherwise, fees will not be prorated under any circumstances.