IBK accepts payment by Interac E-Transfer, or Cash. E-transfers can be sent to

Please see our promotions page for discounts you may qualify for.

Adult Jujitsu

Full-time Adult Membership

$110/month - Grants access to all adult classes (Best value - 12 + classes/month, $8-10 per class).

10 Class Punch Pass (NEW! Available Dec 1/21)

$175 for 10 classes - Grants access to 10 adult classes ($17.50 per class). A completed Athletic Waiver is required.


Drop-in rate is $25/class.  A completed Athletic Waiver is required.

Child & Youth Jujitsu Programs

IBK Ninjas (ages 4-6)

$200 per 3 month semester (please note: fees will not be prorated for late starts)

IBK Samurai (ages 7-10)


IBK Junior (ages 10-15+)



& Other Fees

All members must also pay an annual registration fee of $30. This fee is due upon registration in any of our programs, and must be renewed each year on September 1st.*

All IBK Adult and Junior members are also encouraged to purchase a System Manual at the time of registration. Cost is $60. Students must have a manual prior to their 1st belt promotion.

*New students starting July 1st or later in a calendar year will not be required to renew registration fees the following September.

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